Joann Vistula

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Certified fitness instructor with specialization in fitness – modern forms of gymnastics. The fitness industry has been linked since 2008. As she says, she is very lucky because her work is her passion. She cares for her to be properly motivated for training, and at the end she always has a smile and satisfaction. During the classes, pay special attention to the effectiveness and technique of the exercises.
Her training motto is “DO NOT WISH FOR IT – IT WORK FOR IT”, because it is up to you and your commitment to the end result and to achieve the intended purpose.

Ann Lee

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Her work is her passion. It focuses mainly on the needs of the people with whom the training is being conducted and tries to match the exercises so that they are appropriate for age or physical fitness. During class, draw attention to the correct technique of exercise and well being so that training with her is safe and bring maximum benefit. Satisfaction makes it visible improvement of form, condition as well as realization and attainment of the goals set by the charges. It motivates primarily the lack of monotony, constantly introduces new elements for training, notes progress and commitment to training. He is always a smiling and energetic professional.

Markus Finnigan

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Fighting is my passion. I am a master of physical education from education. In addition to fighting sports passionate about football. I started my professional career in 1996. I was a professional European Champion in semi and fullcontact formulas. I won the National Boxing Championships medal, I won the boxing GrandPrix. I have been a trainer since 2004.

Martial sport training is designed for those who want to improve their fitness and fitness and for those who are thinking about learning the basics of self-defense. Age or gender does not prevent you from taking that physical activity. We train both men and women, adults and adolescents. Martial Arts Training is the study of simple and effective techniques of defense, blows, kicks, blocks, dodges and training defense reflexes in situations of danger.

Silvia Doe

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Sport is my life, passion, hobby, work, mission. I have been an economist, computer scientist, and for many years I have been involved in banking and IT systems. Yoga and meditation have become a moment of refreshing breath in digital everyday life, and in time the way to my life.

A small dose of the philosophy of yoga, the knowledge of Hindu culture and religion, and the knowledge of religious painting mandal were handed over to me by members of the Bhaktapur Bhaktapur family in Nepal. I am deepening my yoga practice under the supervision of a wonderful teacher Dr. Norman Sjoman. My goal is the harmonious development of the body, the mind and the spirit.