Miami Beach

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Luxurious SunnyGolf Resort & Spa

The Sunny Golf Resort is an luxurious golf resort situated near sandy beach on the Turkish Riviera. Hotel have a huge sport complex with water, indoor and outdoor facilities as well as a luxury SPA where you can relax after a game of golf.

Guests can also enjoy the largest golf course in Turkey with 45 holes. This space is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Our team of instructors provide a comprehensive instruction program.

The field is in a pine grove, where pines often make the game more difficult. There is a beautiful and spacious club with a golf shop, a dressing room with showers, a restaurant and a bar.

Regardless of whether you love to spend whole hours indulging in soothing treatments or if you only have a short time for regeneration – you will find everything you need in our SPA.